Our expertises


We counsel our foreign customers as part of their projects in France and meet their needs for their activities in France.

In their respective fields of intervention, Partners of ELTEA are also used to guide and assist entrepreneurs and companies which have a question, a need, a project or an international difficulty.

In order to do this, we master the exchanges in English allowing the development of any project on the whole of the French territory, just as in Europe and all over the world, thanks to representatives and privileged partners within the European Union, the European Economic Area but also at the global level thanks to our network.


Day-to-day management of the legal, financial and social life of companies

Restructuring, insolvency

Preventive or collective proceedings of companies in difficulty, their creditors, and their buyers


Operations of acquisition and transfer of companies

Labor law

Individual and collective labor relations

Business litigation

Civil, commercial and criminal litigation, arbitration and mediation


Intellectual property – New technologies – Data protection

Tax law

Tax and customs counsel and litigation