Business Litigation

ELTEA firm assists and represents its clients, as plaintiffs and defendants as well, before all French Courts, as well as before specialized Courts. Its cooperation with its foreign correspondents allows it to manage and coordinate complex international litigations in the best interest of its French or foreign clients.


  • Sudden termination of business relations
  • Action in contract or in tort, breach of contract and negotiations
  • Post-merger and acquisition litigation
  • Disputes between partners and directors/partners
  • Litigation on assets and liabilities guarantee and acquisition processes
  • Action in unfair competition
  • Litigation on business transfer
  • Litigation on agreement to sell securities or real estate
  • Actions for invalidity for defect of consent
  • Business transfers related litigations
  • Product liability
  • Commercial leases litigation (commercial lease renewal, set up of eviction compensation)
  • Enforcement procedures: protective measures, forced execution, litigation before the enforcement judge


  • Assistance and representation before all the Arbitration Courts including the International Chamber of Commerce and the French Arbitration Association (Association Française d’Arbitrage)
  • Implementation and management of alternate dispute resolution methods such as conciliation and mediation

Expert Lawyers

  • Céline Dilman Associée

    Compétences : Contentieux – Médiation, Procédures collectives – Restructuring

  • Florian Curral Associate

    Skills: Litigation – Mediation, Insolvency proceedings – Restructuring

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