Eltea assists its clients throughout the social life of their company, from its creation, then its development, to its sale or transfer. Cooperation with its foreign correspondents also allows our firm to manage and coordinate the social life of French and international groups.

  • creation of companies in France, of all social forms (SARL, SAS, SA, SCI, GIE …);
  • supervision of creation of subsidiaries abroad with local correspondents;
  • approval of the annual accounts of regulated and unregulated companies, consolidated or not;
  • capital increase by all means, including by issuance of complex securities (AP, OCA, ORA …);
  • stock plan for employees and managers (Stock-option Plan, free shares, BSPCE, BSA …);
  • capital reduction operations;
  • group structuring through the creation of holding companies, contribution of securities…;
  • transformation of companies by merger, TUP, subsidiarization …;
  • drafting shareholders’ agreements and bylaws;
  • friendly dissolution and liquidation;
  • compliance audit;
  • assistance and representation before all courts of top executives, majority or minority shareholders, during disputes related to the regularity of general meetings, boards of directors or supervisory boards and of the implementation of the approval and pre-emption clauses, top executive’s remuneration;
  • expertise management, assistance in answering alert procedures;
  • designation of ad hoc agent in representation of shareholders, provisional administrator in case of failure of the managing bodies or dispute between shareholders …